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Hope everyone had a great 4th! Will be a fun week of testing! Compare most numbers from week of April 29th. Remember POST to beyondthewhiteboard . com ! I need these numbers so I know what to focus on next cycle!

Also CrossFit Total will be spread out over next 3 days instead of only a hour for 3 lifts.



Back Squat 1RM





BASIC/COMPETITOR: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/07/07/c07072014/

This Week: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/07/07/week-of-july-7/



SKILL: Work up from 10 reps, 5 reps then give yourself about 3 heavy attempts. Grab a coach when you close down near the max.

WOD: THE benchmark for CrossFit. If time we can run heats or if your going for a leader board make sure you video!


A truly one of a kind class compared to any other gym 🙂 “RuckFit” on Sat morning by Coach Tony


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