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Get ready for CCF Highland Games this Saturday! Check Event Board in lobby (by water cooler) to sign-up.

I am finally getting back in routine of being at the box most of the day. If I am free and haven’t seen you in a while come grab me and catch me up on your progress! A lot of you still don’t post to Beyondthewhiteboard.com so not sure how your workouts are going 🙂

Also we have added a new tab for all CCF members! If you own a business or have a trade email Paige your info: pkline@croftoncrossfit.com



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CCF Nutritional Workshop held by CustomFit Meals! Hope this helped!




WOD: Fun classic. Find a box jump and wall ball that lets you keep moving! Time cap will be on whiteboard.


All the stuff for this week for CrossFit & Competitors!! http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/06/23/week-of-june-24th/





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