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Coming soon to CCF members: Business Network

This will be for CCF members to advertise their skills/business..etc. That way if someone is looking for a plumber to fix something they know who to call, because who works harder then all the athletes at CCF 🙂 . More details coming soon and we will have a separate email address for you to send your info to.


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BASIC/COMPETITOR: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/06/04/c06042014/



SKILL: Work up to heavy 5, remember you will have good days and bad. If you don’t feel a PR coming today don’t stress it, just move some weight! This is best lift for posterior chain, just keep lift 100% form!

WOD: This should be a burner! Box jump are STEP down and chest to bar should be broken into small sets or unbroken. Scale to band strict or normal kip pull-ups if you have strength


I have had a passion my entire life to bring fitness to everyone no matter what the case. I love videos like this:

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