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Movie night tonight in oly gym on projector at 6:30ish PM !! Peaceful Warrior is the flick and picked by Oly Coach Aaron! If this is a success we will be having a lot more!!


[wod date=”2014-5-30″ sections=”all” leaderboard_length=”3″ ]



SKILL:  Practice all the progressions, with so many ways to explain this you need to find the right one that clicks with you!

WOD: Scale down as normal, if you lack strength do 3/1 Pull/dip to MU. If it’s tech do 3 Progression per rep! Eg. each round will be 6 c2b Pull-up 6 Ring Dip 15 wall balls. If tech it will be 6 challenging progressions of choice. Notice c2b is CHEST to bar 🙂 . This should be another short and sweet. Remember to leave everything you have on each wod. If you ask “what is next” after wod you didn’t do it right 🙂

Basic/Competitors: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/05/30/c05302014/


Some things you might not know is that USA is one of the weakest countries when it comes to the olympics for weightlifting. With weightlifting blowing up (huge thanks to CrossFit) hopefully the younger generation will be getting into this a lot more. Not just for the sport of CrossFit or Weightlifting but even off-season strength training. If your doc says this is bad for you, the rest of the world didn’t get the memo! Obviously when your very young the weights are lighter but in Russia or China (some of the leaders in sport) they start the kids at a very young age and all the athletes grow up to full height with no issues!

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