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Between watching Lone Survivor this weekend and just watching the amazing CrossFit community doing the “Murph” WOD it really got to me! Cannot thank troops enough and anyone that served our country! Hope everyone had great vacations and excited about this week! (FYI rest of week’s program is coming later! I forgot my laptop with all my clients programs at box, will send all out tomorrow morning!)



Heavy 5 Deadlift



5 rounds:

30 seconds Hang Power Clean 135/95#

30 second Rest

30 second No Push-up Burpee Max Jump

30 second Rest

30 second Airdyne Calories



SKILL: Work up from from last 5, keep effort at 90%

WOD: This should be sprints each round. Make the HPC a weight you can feel, and the NO push-up burpee is go to plank and then JUMP as high as you can each time.. no CHEATING!

Strength/Competitors: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2014/05/27/c05272014/


I think this was a PR for Murph at CCF! What an amazing showing and since when did we get so many ripped people at CCF !?  Saw the shirts come off and everyone must be paying attention to that diet !! Crazy proud of everyone!

This is one strong family!


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