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A. Split Jerk Heavy Single

B. Ring Dip 5×3




A. Snatch from high block 5 rep; rest 20 sec between reps

B. Deadlift 10 AHAP

C. Snatch Pull 5.5.5

D. Body Row 75 Reps AFAP

E. 30 Second Airdyne Sprint x 4-6 sets; rest 4-6 min between sets


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BASIC: Research Wendler 5/3/1 . You guys will start this program next month. POST scores to btwb.com

COMPETITOR: Again doing some trial and error this week. Let me know how you guys feel after this week if the “conditioning” side is to much. During 10’s i’m trying to keep it all “power” based. Also you MUST summit your scores to beyondthewhiteboard.com. If you don’t summit them I will consider you didn’t do them. These numbers will help program out week-to-week.

SKILL: Push press so NO drive under the bar, work with coach

WOD: This should get fun fast! Start each round where you left off and post total rounds. Move hard first 2 and go HAM last round



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