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Paige & Blake are working on details for all of our events coming up (memorial day/movie night/CCF Highland Games)



A. Hang Squat Clean 3RM (not TnG)

B. Back Squat 3×5




A1. Back Squat 10 AHAP

A2. Back Squat 10 @90% x 2

B1. Push Press 10 AHAP

B2. Push Press 10 @ 90% x 2

C1. Bench Press 10 AHAP

C2. Bench Press 10 @90% x 2

D. 50-100 Hollow Rocks *depending on level


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BASIC:  Really work form, drop each rep to reset.

COMPETITOR: Ok guys here it is!! I need other coaches to review some stuff but this should stay same all week! Some notes: 1) If it doesn’t show WOD then you don’t do house WOD! 2) AHAP = As Heavy As Possible 3) the 2 sets at 90% are 90% of the 10 you just did. 4) If you are not lifting with Aaron then make sure you tell the coach of the class you are doing the competitors program so they can help watch, and if you can try to grab a corner away from the group class. Also this week we will have a new blog just for Basic/Competitors so only thing on this post will be Skill/WOD! This way I can get you guys more info for the detailed group (same as RuckFit..etc)

SKILL: Going to start some basic strength for you guys, will help form + strength!

WOD: Keep moving! nothing should slow you down on this so scale KBS if needed!


So proud of the CCF/RuckFit Crew finishing the 12 hours of brutal physical/mental challenge they did this past Friday night. They rep’d CCF and made all the coaches so proud! This truly shows how amazing the community/family is at CCF!!


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