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Website finally works! I need to get more info out to competitors but under weather today. Check site tomorrow, I think i’ll still have a Facebook group but now considering making our own blog since a few don’t do social media. I’ll be at gym tomorrow to see everyone!




A. Pull-up 1RM

B. Back Squat 3×5





[wod date=”2014-5-16″ sections=”all” leaderboard_length=”3″ ]



BASIC: If you are still on band do 5×3 negative’s

COMPETITOR: Rest, start new stuff up next week.

SKILL: Practice a deep front squat and let weight push off chest, fire those hips!

WOD:  Alt DB snatch, I am testing this again, I don’t like single arm movements since it can be dangerous if you don’t show control. Really keep back, core and active shoulders on DB Snatch. Competitors do 80/55# 🙂 . This should be a burner so move fast.


Gabe F … ready for beach season! He has put in ton’s of work and it’s show off time now 🙂


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