In Blog, Workout of the Day

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” –H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Pre-Class Strength Work

Jerk Balance 4 x 2

Jerk w/ 3″ Pause in Dip and Receiving 5×2

In-Class Session

Primary Strength

Push Press 5 x 3

Workout of the Day

AMRAP 4 x 3

Row 500m / Run 400m

0:45 Hollow Hold (Unbroken)

Burpee Box Jump Overs in time remaining (24/20″)

(Rest 2:00 and Repeat)

Post-Class Accessories

3 sets

C.O.S. 8x W/Ys + Shoulder Ext. + Snow Angels

40m Double Front Rack KB Carry

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