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Sorry not much today, caught a little bug and didn’t get the rest of week down. I’ll have that with a ton of info on Memorial Day Murph, Movie Night, and our 1st ever CCF Highland Games Best “Crew”(6am,9am,..etc) . More details coming soon 🙂




A. Hang Squat Clean 3rep AHAP

B. Back Squat 3×5




A. OTM 10: Squat Clean 75% of 1RM *form

B. Back Squat 8 sets @ 80% max rep

C. 50 Hollow Rocks




20 minutes AMRAP:

3 Muscle Ups

9 Plyo Push-ups

12 Goblet Squats 73/53#



BASIC: As Heavy As Possible, don’t worry about PR, work up from last weeks 5 rep

COMPETITOR: Loading down, Competitors program starts up again next Monday! Go easy, and have fun this week.

WOD: Scale down is “Cindy” if you cannot complete this Rx. Figured give the big boys/girls something special, us normals will do a classic benchmark


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