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A. Hang Squat Snatch 3.3.3

B. Back Squat 3×5



A. Muscle Snatch. Snatch Pull. Squat Snatch; 1.3.1 x 5 sets

B.Front Squat  8 sets @ 80% max

C.Back Extensions 5 x 10 reps


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BASIC: Build from last week, cannot drop bar for 3 reps

COMPETITOR: 1 M.snatch, 3 Pulls, 1 squat snatch is all together as complex.

SKILL: Build to a heavy Power Clean, if your technique is issue get with coach and use 80% of max

WOD: *First round is max TnG, every round after must complete same reps but don’t need to be unbroken. Score is total rep Power Cleans + Box. Every rep you don’t finish in the 2 min is -2 points. This should be a “Power” Day 🙂


Mobility is one of the biggest things everyone should work on. We have great mobility as kids and then we start settling into a chair, car..etc. Once of best tools is doing the 10 minute squat challenge!


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