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Get ready for some running this week! Also for all interesting in the Competitors Program we have a TEAM meeting Thursday 6:30pm. Email me if you cannot make it and i’ll send you notes, garrett@croftoncrossfit.com . The program will start May 19th with about 3 “test” days until next years CF season! Crazy excited about this and cannot thank all the coaches for the support.




A. High Hang Squat Clean 5.5.5

B. Back Squat 3×5



A. Squat Clean; rest 5

B. Back Squat 8 x 80% max reps

C. GHR 4 x 8-10



10 rounds for time:

1 rope climb


*check out regionals, they have to do legless 😉


*if your not great at rop clmbs have a ton of scale downs, include towel Pull-ups



BASIC: Keep working form on the hang cleans, go heavier on BS if you feel good.

COMPETITOR: Getting some test numbers this week. Recording will be ALL in Beyondthewhiteboard.com so get used to post!!

WOD: This looks like a fun one from this years regionals. If you want to really challenge it it’s legless (on way up) but can use legs on way down. If you are unsafe/slow on top climbs try 3/1 seat/stand on scale ropes, or simple towel pull-ups is all I used at golds for years!


Plans for this week! 🙂



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