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“You need to put what you learn into practice and do it over and over again until it’s a habit. I always say, ‘Seeing is not believing. Doing is believing.’ There is a lot to learn about fitness, nutrition and emotions, but once you do, you can master them instead of them mastering you.” –Brett Hoebel


Pre-Class Strength Training

3 x 3 Tall Jerks

3 x 2 Jerk Balances

E2MOM 12: 2x Jerk Dips + 2x Split Jerks

4 sets of 8 Back Squats @70% (Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets)

In-Class Session

Primary Strength

15:00 to Complete 5 x 3 OHS [@]

Workout of the Day

3 Rounds for Time

5 x Squat Cleans and Jerks [185/125, 135/95]

30/20x Wall Ball Shots [30/20, 20/14]

***Athlete Increases 20# Each round***


4 min Tabata:

Alternating Abmat Sit-Ups & Hollow Holds

Post-Class Accessory Work

3 sets of…

8x each on the CrossOver Symmetry: Reverse Flys – Shoulder Extension – 90/90s

15x Weighted Back Extensions

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