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-So we have a lot of new things coming to CCF, one will be the barb code system. This is to help us keep track of who is showing and NOT showing. That way I can call you out on Facebook when your not coming in :P.

-Competitors program. CCF is and will always be a community gym for EVERYONE, but just like all of our speciality classes, myself and other head coaches have put our minds together to build something for those that love the competition of the sport of CrossFit. We NEED your numbers and most of you guys put them on notebooks but at least for this week PLEASE put them all into beyondthewhiteboard! This program will run with goal of Open/Regionals/Games next year so you will see times when you might do WOD’s on your own but I will never leave the amazing community aspect we have at CCF so will work the WOD’s as much as possible to be done with class, together 🙂 . Now that the program is begin built, next I need the dedicated athletes 🙂 . I know a bunch will but if you can send me a email ASAP with your name to garrett@croftoncrossfit.com. With my down time with this injury i’m making this my next project 🙂

– On same note above, I need EVERYONE at CCF to put your numbers on board or on beyondthewhiteboard! I look on that site every night.  I love how some even put in diet/bodyweight..etc. Stuff is EXTREMELY usefully for myself and you!

Goodluck this week and kick butt! Also we have a lot of new faces at CCF, show them what we are about and give them a helping hand ( we have all be in their place)!









CrossFit Total



50m Prowler Push for time @ heavy weight



Basic/Competitor: still show up early and spend time on mobility and your at the level you will need at least 90 min to do all of CFT. Some take 2+ hours

WOD: Classic CrossFit benchmark. You will see a ton of testing all week. There will be a coach helping out but more or less this will be a “open gym” style since some people need a lot of time. Remember to prep each lift with reps of !! and please get a spot on max!


MUST reads :




and your Endurance/Testing this Week :





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