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Big congrats on all the hard work this week! Remember testing next week so expect CF total, Fran.. etc! Also have a coaches meet today to work on this competitors template together. Anyone interested (or currently following) needs to send me email at Garrett@croftoncrossfit.com ! Your numbers will help decide what needs work.




A. Pull-up 5×3

B. Back Squat 3×5



A. Pull-up @30X1;

B. Back Squat 8 sets @ 80% max

C. Bent over row 5×6-8 @41X1



Back Squat Heavy 3




3 Front Squat 135/95#

3 Push Press 135/95#

3 Thruster 135/95#

30 Double Unders



BASIC: Try to keep about same weight for a 5 sets of 3 reps for pull-ups. Chin must go inside bar

COMPETITOR: Go off numbers from last week and add more, even if you get less reps

WOD: Should be a pretty heavy barbell but just enough to get you to do barbell complex without dropping. Add weight if needed.


Vote for us again! Also don’t mind the website right now, it’s under construction so some things might not look right.


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