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**Next week we are testing!! CrossFit Total is Monday and expect some benchmarks next week. Using these numbers so PLEASE post them to beyondthewhiteboard.com and we have revamped the Competitors program, more news of this next Monday!




A.Split Jerk

B. Bench Press 3×5



A. Split Jerk 1RM

B. Push Press 8 x max @80%

C. Handstand walk 10min



On the minute for 21 minutes:

Min 1: Deadlift 3rep Tap n Go

Min 2: 20 Double Under

Min 3: 3 Muscle Up



Prowler Push 50m



BASIC: Work up from previous

COMPETITOR: Same 80% work as Squat.

WOD: You will post deadlift weight and how much completed Rx. Basically it should be a heavy 3 deadlift, short rest; The double Under scale down will only be 40 singles and if you cannot complete a lot of DU scale do to 10, but don’t make this take over 30 seconds. Muscle Scale down is normal. Progressions for athletes that need skill and 9 c2b/9 dip for athletes that need strength. This is a strength/skill WOD but trust me it will add up!! Scale down as needed. Throw in prowlers at end if time!


This week’s work!



Who’s going to do the muscle ups like this today? 🙂

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