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“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.” – Cherie Gilderbloom


Pre-Class Strength Training

E2MOM 12: 2x 1 and Quarter Front Squats [Building]

Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes: 1x Squat Clean [@80%]

In-Class Session

Primary Strength Work

3 sets of …

1 x Deadlift to Knee (pause x 3″) + 1x Speed Deadlift [followed by 5″ Tempo to Floor]

 E2MOM 10  [5 sets]

Deadlift 1.1.1.

Workout of the Day


3x Squat Cleans [185/125, 135/ 95]

3x Toes to Bar

6x Double Unders [Scale to 12 Singles, but you need to attempt at least 2-3 attempts at a Double Under!]

***After each round ADD THREE REPS to the Toes to Bar and ADD SIX REPS to the Double Unders***

Post-Class Accessory Work

3 sets:

10x Each: Facedown DB I, T, Y’s

60-second Chinese Planks

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