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“In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up.” –Rich Froning


Pre-Class Strength Training

In-Class Session

Primary Strength Work [20 Min]

3 x 5 Strict Press

3 x 3 Push Press

3 x 2 Push Jerk

Gymnastics Pushing, Pulling, and Core Conditioning

Grab a Partner (One Works, While other Rests)

2 sets:

10-30 seconds Top of Dip Ring Hold

10-30 seconds Rings or Bar to Sternum Hold

AMRAP 5: Cindy-No Legs

5x Pull-Ups

10x Push-Ups

Post-Class Conditioning Work

Every 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes (6 sets):

50/35x Assault Bike Caloriescrofton crossfit

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