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A.Split Jerk

B. Standing Press 3×5



A.Push Press

B.Ring Dip

C. Handstand Hold 10 x max



For time:

3 rounds

500m Row

12 S2OH 135/95#


rest 3 min


3 rounds

20 No Push-up Burpee Box Jump 20/20″

12 Power Clean 135/95#


Rest 3 min


3 rounds

25 Wall Ball

20 Cal Airdyne



BASIC: Practice Jerk Drive for jerks, try to use almost no shoulder press. Build up Tech and work on raw strength in press.

COMPETITOR: on PP load up more each wave of 4.3

WOD: So had to change up the 2nd part, its going to be cold and rain so don’t want anyone getting sick on me!   For the WOD’s this should be set up in more of a 10 min on/3 min rest x 3, scale to get same response (that means less row or lighter weight).


:: Read below for way to much info (aka my fellow nerd friends 🙂 )

Love this, Eric T sends me his heart rate in class once in a while. Classes seemed a little smaller today, but for ones that showed realized how amazing those prowlers suck! Explained to a few that prowlers are amazing tool to use, not only for the amazing fat burning ability but also it’s only a concentric motion (think the first half of pull-up, not the lowering down). This keeps you from being crushed the next day. For those that  have followed my strength routines know if you do negatives (eccentric) you are crazy sore for days! So in other words, get ready for more prowlers all summer 🙂

Back to this graph, I love how it shows not only where he was at a 95-110% max heart rate for 4-5 minutes but also shows you how taxing max effort squats (or any heavy lifts) jumped his heart rate up. Look even closer his heart rate jumped more each set (4 total), given his load increased.


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