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A.Power Clean. Squat Clean. 1.2 x 5 sets

B. Back Squat 3×5

C. wod



A. 3 position hang clean

B. Back Squat 8 sets @ 80% max

C. Good Morning 4 x 8-10




Back Squat 5RM



200m Prowler Push for time @ empty/45#



BASIC: The Power Clean/Squat Clean is a Tap n Go! Work up in weight.

COMPETITOR: Same as last week, just working up on this complex. Test it next week.

*Reminder, Basic/Competitor never does  Skill work!

SKILL:  After mobility work on Squat strength. Chest up and go big!

WOD: So we are going outside with prowler. Females use empty and male use 45# inside prowler. You will do at LEAST 3 sets but would like everyone to give this 5 tries if time permits. Might use this as benchmark so put up a good number and post it to beyondthewhiteboard.com . Also this will be to the 100m and run around and push back


This weeks fun!



I think this was the best CF event we have had as a CCF family! Just between everyone PR’ing and just having a blast I couldn’t have gone better. Again cannot say how proud I am as a coach and hope this sparks interest to try these competitions out once or twice a year! If you are interested I HIGHLY recommend a team event, less stress and more fun!

Also big congrats to everyone that made the weightlifting event! I know coach Aaron is proud and so glad to see everyone get into a new sport (well sport isn’t new, but you get it!).

I’m actually fighting this knee issue right now so going to keep it short tonight, but i’ll find out exact placement on all teams tomorrow!



One of the athletes at this weekends weightlifting competition (with Coach Aaron)


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