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Rest Day



Heavy 5 rep OHS (or FS)



30-20-10 reps for time:

OHS 75/55#

Wall Ball


*FS scale down 95/65#



SKILL: If mobility is issue focus on Front squat 5 rep but spend 10 extra minutes on ankle/shoulder mobility

WOD: Same, do FS as scale down but another 10 minutes extra (yea you are spending extra 20 minute of mobility!). Should be a good burner WOD so move fast on this, can anyone go unbroken Rx ?


CONGRATS to Greg Spencer on first muscle up!! Going to need more rings with all these Rx muscle ups now!


FYI: I might not be in box as much right now with this snowboard injury but want everyone to know i’m still here! ANYYY help with anything send me a email and would love to help you out! Garrett@croftoncrossfit.com


REMINDER: Don’t forget MAAC is this weekend with 5 teams from CCF! Get your tickets now by friday! http://www.maachallenge.com (and put yourself under Crofton CrossFit)

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