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A. Hang Squat Snatch 5.5.5

B. Back Squat 3×5



A.Seg Snatch Grip DL

B.Front Squat  8 sets @ 80% max

C. Reverse Hyper 4 x 10-12



Turkish Get-up



For time:

100 Double Under

100 Air Squats

100 KBS 73/53#

50 Box Jumps 24/20”

50 Cal Row

25 Toes to Bar

5 Muscle Ups


Post Here:http://www.beyondthewhiteboard.com/gyms/451-crofton-crossfit



*Ok seemed to get a lot of people confused about our LVL1/2 program. Working now with website guy to give better info on this program we have had great success with. Also with that in mind decided to rename the “levels” to more of who the program is geared toward. The Lvl1 is for the person who needs to pack on strength and the movements will compound with the Daily WOD. The Lvl2 starts into higher skill and more volume. This will be geared to the athlete that has basic strength down and wants to turn the page of health into competition. These classes run Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri @ 5:30a/10:00a/3:30p-close and Sat 10:30a. These are basic hours right now until we get more space next to us. Once we have that space we can let you guys come in more hours so it will not interfere with group classes!

BASIC: This is a TnG (tap n go) snatch, move lighter weight to focus on form. Get with coach!

COMPETITOR: If in MAAC load down on weights, work form/skills.

WOD: This will be a fun chipper! Scale downs will be on board. For MU it is 15 c2b pull-ups and 15 ring dips!



The MAAC is this weekend! We have 5 teams going to compete this weekend (each are 4 person teams). After a ton of work/life/injuries going around and juggling athletes for teams, it looks like we are going to make it 🙂 . These teams have trained extremely hard and I would LOVE to have as many people this weekend come down and support your athletes! This should be a lot of fun and great big venue!


Didn’t realize until today that the gym with most spectators gets a free competition weightlifting bar + weights! See if we can do damage CCF!



With 11 rowers we still had to do multiple heats for the Run/Row/couplet WOD! Love the big showings to class lately!


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