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  1. Pull-up @30X1;
  2. Back Squat 3×5
  3. WOD



  1. Pull-up @30X1;
  2. Back Squat 8 x max @ 80%
  3. OTM 16:

Odd: 5 DB Push Press

Even: 8-10 Unbroken T2B



Split Jerk Heavy Single



5 rounds for time:

4 S2OH

12 Box Jump

20 KBS(russian) 73/53#



LVL1: follow the tempo! 3 seconds down/no pause/explode up/1 second hold chin inside bar

LVL2: Same back squat set as monday

WOD: Change of wod! The evening classes will be working with Aaron Adams!


7:30 crew getting it in!


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