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A. Hang Squat Snatch 5.5.5

B. Back Squat 3×5



A.Seg Snatch Grip DL

B.Front Squat.Thruster. 1.2 x 5 sets

C. Reverse Hyper 4 x 10-12



For time:

100 Wall Balls 20/15# @ 10ft (for everyone)

800m Run

10 Muscle Ups



LVL1: Same all week, working up from last.

LVL2: https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercises/exercise.php?exerciseID=329

WOD: Endurance and testing muscle strength unter fatigue. Scale down is normal for Muscle up. If it’s just a skill issues then 30 MU progressions; If strength 30 pull-ups, 30 dips (broken up however)


Suns out Guns out!! Hope you guys are ready for beach season this year!


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