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A.Press.Push Press. Push.Jerk 1.2.3×3

B. Close Grip Bench Press 3×5



A.Split Jerk

B.Ring Dip

C.Powell Raise @3131; 3 x 10-12 (alt arm)



5 rounds for time:

15 Hang Power Clean 115/75#

15 Toes to Bar

Row 500m


rest 3 min



LVL1: Move up from last week.

LVL2: Split jerk can be from box, work on form.

WOD: Should be a good sprint each round! When you finish row get off and do a small walk and breath, work at 85% effort first 2-3 then go 100% last few rounds.


Hey guys, sorry late post! Been running this fever and I think I just slept 20 hours, but thank god for the sneak peek 🙂


Also changing WOD up on Friday, the evening classes will be coached by Aaron Adams. Will be focusing on heavy shoulder to overhead movements!


amazing… I have been honored to work with adaptive athletes and they never let anything get in way. Click the “Weightlifting” video from Facebook.



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