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A.Hang Squat Clean 2.2.2

B. Back Squat 3×5



A. 3 position hang clean

B. Back Squat 8sets @80% of 1rm

C. 2 min Front Lever/2 min Back Lever




Deadlift 5 TnG



10 min AMRAP:

DL 225/155



Reps start at 10 each, then 9…etc. Once you hit 1 restart at 10



LVL1: Same as last week, work up from those numbers. Get with coach on last set

LVL2: for back squats should be only a few reps, try not to go HAM on first few. Will run this program for 4-6 weeks

WOD: DL should be light enough to move close to a TnG, for HSPU if you cannot do Rx work on shoulder strength and do Push-ups or Ring Push-ups (same reps) at a tempo of 30X1.


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Hey Guy! So keeping this short, but wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers. I am doing a lot better and will be back in the box very soon!

Really want to say how proud I am of everyone during the Open this year. So many Pr’s from all the hard work you guys put in. As i’m not in the box as much I want to still keep the personal touch with everyone. Anyone is welcomed to email me at garrett@croftoncrossfit.com.

Thanks again guys!


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