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A. Hang Squat Snatch 5.5.5

B. Back Squat 3×5


A.Snatch Balance Heavy Single

B.Front Squat

C. Back Extension 4×10-12



5 rounds for time:

10 Squat Clean 165/115#

15 Pull-up

20 Box Jump



LVL1: Snatch is tap and go

LVL2: Front Squat should not be PR

WOD: Should be a longer WOD, Challenge yourself on the Cleans and pull ups


Hey Guys,

So you have seen me limping around the gym, a week or so ago I took a nasty fall snowboarding. I ended up tearing my Patella, ACL, PCL and few little things. I go into surgery this morning so you guys might not see me around the box. I didn’t want anyone thinking I left you guys or hurt myself at gym 🙂 . My plan is to be back within the next week but not sure how long i’ll be down.

I have had time to think about this and have no regrets taking the trip (as I have since I was 4). I figured with all the fitness training I do it’s great to go out and live life! With anything fun usually comes with risk. Again thanks for all the support already and will be getting daily input on how you guys are doing from Paige!



New site is up and running, a few little things getting worked on still but the blogs for the Endurance/sneakpeeek..etc will be 100% by the next post !

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