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“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” –Unknown


“All the Things”

AMRAP 30 (Teams of 4-8)

1: 12-7x Calorie Bike (should be on the bike less than 45 seconds)

2: 40m Heavy Farmer’s Carry

3: 12-7x Calorie Row (should be on rower less than 45 seconds)

4: 4-2x Wall Walks

5: 30x Step-Ups on Box [24/20″]

6: 0:10-0:20 Active Hang from Pull-Up Bar

7: 30x DU / 60x Singles

8: 15x Heavy Russian KBS [73/53#]

[All team members working at the same time, you cannot move on until the person completes the work at their station, scale so that each station takes no longer than 0:45 at each station]

*Stations will be set up in successive order*


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