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A. Hang Squat Clean 2.2.2

B. Back Squat 3×5


A. Power Clean 2, OTM 8

B. Back Squat Heavy Single

C. Plank/Side bridge; 2 min for all 3



5 min of


10 Thrusters 95/65#

10 Burpee over bar

4 min of:


3 min of:


2 min of:


1 min of:




LVL1: Work up from last week on Cleans

LVL2: Power Clean is NOT TnG, use same weight for all sets

WOD: The thrusters should be light and unbroken so scale down, same goes to burpees, if your extremely slow on them do No Push-up burpees. Once clock starts you have 5 minutes to complete the 3 rounds. If you finish all 3 before time cap you will now rest until the 4 min starts. You will complete same 3 rounds again and again until you cannot finish all 3 rounds. Post total REPS (ex all 3 rounds is 60 pts)



Big Congrats to everyone so far during the Open! Cannot say how awesome the CCF community has been and seen so many first times for movements/weights! Keep up the work you guys!

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