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Pre-Class Strength Training

10 Minutes of Mobility for Pistols and Handstand Work [Ankles, Hips, & T-Spine]

4 Rounds for Quality:

10-20x Pistol Squats [Scale with Bands at Rig or Rep Scheme]

20-40m Handstand Walk [Scale With 20x Shoulder Taps or Palm Lifts at Wall]

2x Legless Rope Climbs [Scale to Regular Rope Climbs]

In-Class Session

Gymnastics Skill

4-5 Attempts at Handstand Walk or Hold Practice

[Every drop or 10m perform 10x Air Squats]

Workout of the Day

EMOM 30:

1: 20/15x Unbroken Wall Ball Shots [20/14#]

2: 60x DU / 45 seconds Singles

3: 20x American KBS [32/24kg; 24/16kg]

4: 10x Strict HSPU / 20x DB Push Presses

5: Rest

Post Class Accessory Work

Lumbar Anti-Fatigue Circuit:

3 Rounds:

20x Weighted Back Extensions [45/35]

40m Double KB Front Rack KB Carry [32/24kg]

:30 Superman

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