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OTM 10:
Odd: 10-20 Hollow Rocks
Even: Box Jump 5 reps

150 Wall Balls for time:

BASIC/COMP: Still come in but deload for all levels. 10 minutes extra mobility, 10 minutes gymnastic skills, 10 minutes Olympic Weightlifting skills with coach

A: Challenge yourself on Box jumps. Hollow rocks should be unbroken.
B: Didn’t get to test this last week so figured get your legs warmed up 🙂

Sorry for short post and program isn’t set out yet. We just tested last week so running all the numbers today and will have the next 8 weeks planned out! Remember every Friday is the Open!!

So many Thanks need to go out to so many people for this weekend. Big thanks for you guys understanding why we had to close for 2 days. Also to all the volunteers that helped, you guys repped some really big things going on and really impressed our guest!!

FYI Paige and I are sorry for any mess the AM class might have to see. If you need chalk you can probably just touch the ground and find a handful 🙂

Some highlights from this weekend!

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