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“Full effort is full victory.” – Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir


Pre-Class Strength Training

Snatch Play Day: Take 20 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 1RM Snatch

Split Jerk Work

2-3 Sets: 5x Press in Split

2-3 Sets: 3x Jerk Balances

E2MOM 16: 1x Split Jerk @75-90%

In-Class Session

Pull-Up Technique Work: 3-4 Sets of Small Reps

Beginner: Short Bar Set-Up Practice

Intermediate: Kipping Cycling

Advanced: Butterfly Cycling

Workout Of The Day


200m Run

15x Chest to Bars / Pull-Ups / Assisted Pull-ups / Ring Rows

[Rest 2:00]


200m Run

15x Toes to Bar / Knees to Elbows or Chest / Anchored Toe to Bell

Post-Class Accessory Work

Three Sets:

15-20x Reverse Hypers

Banded March with Heavy Med Ball Front Loaded Carry x 2 min.

10x Landmine Rows @

Extra Optional Conditioning Work

Row 2000m For Time

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