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– ugh this snow!! So I just got informed a few gyms are closing in the AM because of the snow. We talked it over and just to play it safe we closed 6:00am CLASS. All other classes are still on! Sorry for this.

– Reminder, we are closed this weekend for a big event. I have never closed down the gym for a weekend before but with about 200 people showing up I am left with no options. What I plan on doing is posting a Workout on Facebook that is all bodyweight and challenge everyone to it (and to post time/rounds) for both Saturday and Sunday. We will have details posted on Saturday & Sunday with a few times to take down! Hope this helps 🙂

– Friday is the Open!!

A. EMOM 10:
Odd: Back Squat 1
Even: 20 second Handstand Hold

6 rounds for time:
5 Deadlift 95/65#
5 Below Knee Power Clean 95/65#
5 Above Knee Power Clean 95/65#
5 S2OH 95/65#


A: Make the Back squat heavy, for holds scale down to planks if needed. Practice core activation
B: This should be a fast workout so scale weight to have something you can move fast!

Wine and Design last weekend!

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