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A. 1RM Power Snatch

B.2 rounds
1 Min on each station
-KB swing Russian
-KB Right Front rack Lunge
-KB Right Waiter Walk
-KB Left Front Rack Lunge
-KB Left Waiter Walk

*use weight you feel most comfortable with


A: Working this tech every Monday for 6 weeks. test it out!

– It’s Open time! The house WOD every FRIDAY will be whatever the CFHQ has for the Open. This year they have built in scaled division which should be a lot of fun. Sign-up if you want to compare your scores against everyone else. Should be over 200,000 of them this year 🙂 http://games.crossfit.com/

– BOX is CLOSED SAT-SUN . I am really sorry to have to fully close but the events was orginaly small enough to hold classes early am but now it might be crazy at the gym (close to 200 people at box). Parking will be crazy but it’s free to watch. It is the Pro-Day for Baltimore/DC NPGL teams. More info on this go here www.npgl.com

– So the lobby is getting close to being done and flooring in today!! Hope you guys enjoy all the work going into this place, sorry it took about 2 years but I didn’t give up 🙂

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