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A.Back Squat 5×3

Row 750m
40 Front Squat 95/65#
Row 750m

BASIC/COMP: http://croftoncrossfit.com/2015/02/14/c02142015/

A: Work up from last weeks 5
B: Dig deep on this one. Try to keep small rest on any breaks on FS

So the contractors will start work at 7am, pleaseee wait for us before you smash anything 🙂
Paige and I will be there at 8am and stay until mid afternoon. Feel free to come over after a WOD to help us clean the space out next to us, we could us it 🙂 . Again i’m crazy excited to see the transformation over next 2 weeks and be ready for the the CrossFit open and also we are hosting the NPGL Baltimore Anthem/DC Brawlers Pro Day the last weekend of this month. More details on that coming soon!

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