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“Reduce the stress levels in your life through relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and exercise. You’ll look and feel way better for it.” –Suzanne Somers


Open Prep Pre-Class Strength Training

Absolute Strength Pressing and Pulling


8 x 55% – 6 x 65% – 4 x 75% – 2 x 85% – 2x 90% – 2x 95+%

*In between sets perform 5-8 DB Push Presses immediately followed by 5-8 DB Strict Presses*

EMOM 10:

10x DL @225 + 5/3x Ring Muscle Ups [Use Progression with feet on box and low hanging rings]

In-Class Session

Skill Acquisition Work: Rope Climbs [Performed on Oly Side!]

3-5 sets of 1-2 Ascent Practicing Footwork and Timing

[We will have one rope set for scaling for Up Downs and Footwork on the Box]

Workout Of the Day

Five sets for Time:

60x DU / 120x Singles

12x [Unbroken] Shoulder to Overhead [115/75; 85/55]

6x [Unbroken] Toes to Bar

Post-Class Accessory Work

Three Sets:

15-20x Single Leg Reverse Hypers

Bulgarian Split Squats 8x each leg @41×1

Banded Tricep Extensions x25


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