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“Focus on progress, not perfection.” ―Josh Bezoni


Pre-Class Open Prep Training

Snatch Work

3 x 4 Snatch Press from Receiving

3 x 2 [Snatch Push-Press + 2x OHS]

3 x 2 Hi-Hang Snatch

3 x 1 Hang Snatch

4 x 1 [ 2x Snatch Lift-Off w/ 2″ Pause + 1x Snatch]

In-Class Session

Unilateral Strength Work

3 sets:

3x Turkish Get-Ups (Right and Left Side)

8x Bulgarian Split Squats (Right and Left Leg)

Workout of the Day

“Folding Chair”

1500m/1250m Row

30x Toes to Bar / 30x Abmat Sit-Ups

1250m/1000m Row

30x Toes to Bar / 30x Abmat Sit-Ups

1000m/750m Row

30x Toes to Bar / 30x Abmat Sit-Ups

[Cap 20:00]

Post-Class Accessory Work

Three sets:

20x Loaded Glute Barbell Bridges @10×1

20x Standing Calf Raises  w/ Heavy DBs @13×1

10x Bent Over DB Rows @2111


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